SC7 Central Data Bank of Jurisprudence – a Progress Report

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SC7 Central Data Bank of Jurisprudence – a Progress Report

35TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Tunis, Tunisia, 15-19 April 1996

WP No. 136

SC7 Central Data Bank of Jurisprudence – a Progress Report


Further to the resolution of the 1993 Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand, which established IFATCA’s position in regard to the practical legal aid program, SC7 was tasked to establish a central data bank of jurisprudence in order to support the efforts of SC7 in discovering all cases which the air traffic controller was named as defendant before a court for an aircraft incident or accident.

In the 33rd Conference (Ottawa, Canada), a method whereby jurisprudence relevant to Member Association will be available on demand, was introduced and approved. In order to collect the relevant jurisprudence information, SC7 suggested a Common Reporting Form, which was approved by the Jerusalem Conference (1995).

The Common Reporting Form was distributed among all MAs right after Jerusalem Conference.

The following MAs (4) responded to our letter: Japan (2 cases), UK (1 case), Finland and Sweden (both had indicated cases, but SC7 still waits for full information).

The following MAs (12) responded with no case to report: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Namibia, Netherlands, Malta, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Portugal, France, Iceland, Spain, Luxembourg, Burkina Faso, Canada, Australia and Norway, (which indicated on previous questionnaire that they have cases to report) failed to do it till now, although they have been approached by SC7 at least twice.

All other MAs didn’t answer at all.

SC7 will address, once again, all MAs to send the relevant jurisprudence information during 1996, using the agreed Reporting Form and is asking all MA’s to respond as soon as possible, by using the Reporting Form and to give all relevant jurisprudence information. SC7 will present the first configuration of the data bank to the 1997 Conference.

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