Misuse of Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft (TIBA)

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Misuse of Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft (TIBA)

30TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, 22-26 April 1991

WP No. 83

Misuse of Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft (TIBA)


Conference decided at Acapulco, during discussion on TIBA procedures (Agenda Item B.7.7. – WP 54), that the guidance material contained in ICAO Annex 11 did not adequately reflect the views of MA’s. This subject was therefore referred back to SC 1 in order that suitable draft policy could be recommended to IFATCA 91, to reflect the above mentioned discussions.

The criteria accepted during the Technical Policy Review in 1989 result in IFATCA accepting the guidance material, on this subject, contained in Annex 11, Attachment B.
It is clear , however, from the discussions that took place at Conference that while MA’s accepted the necessity for TIBA procedures, where no air traffic services existed, the conditions under which TIBA procedures were introduced required policy that differed from that contained in ICAO Annex 11.

Specifically the conditions with which MA’s did not agree were :

  1. in the introduction of TIBA Areas, present ICAO procedures only require the identification of these areas by states and then promulgation in aeronautical publications, or NOTAM’s. MA’s considered that more timely notification should be given i.e. at least three months.
  2. TIBA procedures should only be acceptable if there are technical , or practical deficiencies, within the ATC infrastructure. (The use of TIBA procedures to circumvent disruption of ATC services caused by industrial disputes is not acceptable to MA’s).
  3. Where TIBA areas have been introduced, the applicability of these procedures should be reviewed more frequently, i.e. at least every 6 months as compared with the 12 months interval recommended in Annex 11.

To Conclude

Whilst accepting the procedures set out in Annex 11 for the actual operation of TIBA, there are concerns over the circumstances under which these procedures could be introduced, or continued, and the notification given before the implementation.

It is recommended that:

State Authorities should be required to give adequate notification of the introduction of TIBA procedures, i.e. at least 3 months in advance, except when catastrophic events preclude this notification. TIBA procedures should only be introduced where there are significant technical and/or practical deficiencies in the ATC infrastructure. TIBA areas should be reviewed at least every 6 months.

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