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TPM Review – Reference Table

59TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Singapore, 30 March – 3 April 2020

WP No. 82

TPM Review – Reference Table

Presented by TOC


IMPORTANT NOTE: The IFATCA Annual Conference 2020 in Singapore was cancelled. The present working paper was never discussed at Conference by the committee(s). Resolutions presented by this working paper (if any) were never voted.


The TPM Review is a substantial undertaking by the TOC, and encompasses many changes. A Reference Table of the proposed changes was created for a clear summary and ease of reference.


A comprehensive review of IFATCA’s Technical and Professional Manual (TPM) was part of TOC Work Programme for 2020.

Subject Matters & Working Papers

This year, the TPM review covers three subject matters:

ATS     Matters relating to the provision of Air Traffic Services

HELI    Helicopter Operations

SUR    Surveillance

ATS, being one of the larger sections, has three working papers, WP 84: TPM Review – ATS (Major Edits), and WP 83: TPM Review – ATS Editorials. WP 84 mainly covers policies that has more substantial changes, while WP 83 covers simple grammatical, typographical and/or syntax changes. WP 88 covers Transponder Mandatory Zones.

The review of HELI and SUR are covered in Working Papers 85 and 86 respectively.

Reference Table

While working on the TPM Review, it was found that there is a large variety of edits to be made; from simple editorial ones, to major policy reviews. This TPM Review Reference Table was therefore created to provide a clear summary of all the changes proposed for this year’s conference.

The type of change(s), if any, for each section of the subject matters are highlighted, and readers are pointed to the corresponding WP and paragraphs for easy reference.

The TPM Review – Reference Below is attached to this paper as Appendix 1 below.

Appendix 1 – TPM Review Reference Table

Review Status Description

Last Update: October 2, 2020  

July 19, 2020   192   Jean-Francois Lepage    2020    

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