ATC and Public Relations

ATC and Public Relations

37TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Toulouse, France, 30 March – 3 April 1998

WP No. 160

ATC and Public Relations


At the 33rd Conference in Ottawa a draft recommendation concerning public relations in ATC was amended as provisional policy (94.C.149).


There is policy on recorded data (page 4221) and there is not yet any policy on live data.


A policy should be created to prevent people having unsupervised access to live radar and radiotelephony data.


It is recommended to the conference:

To amend the provisional policy of 94.C.149 to read:

IFATCA recognises that Public Relations play an important role in the promotion of ATC services. However, unsupervised public access to live radar and radiotelephony data can lead to misuse and misinterpretation. Therefore use of live radar and radiotelephony data for this purpose shall not be permitted.

To amend this provisional policy to be full policy in the IFATCA Manual on page 4124, para 2.7.1.

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