Intimidation of the Controller

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Intimidation of the Controller

18TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Brussels, Belgium, 23-27 April 1979

WP No. 63

Intimidation of the Controller


Although cases contrary to Res. A. 5. of Reykjavik have been recorded notably in Mexico where the Federation, IFALPA and PATCO assisted and in Iran since the 3rd of January 1979, only one case of intimidation has come to the notice of the committee. This concerns the arrest of colleagues of the East African in an attempt to silence their claims for better terms of service and job evaluation. Action was taken by the Sudanese Association direct to the permanent secretary of Power and communications in Nairobi. No other information is available.


The IFATCA Executive Board in co-ordination with the Sudanese Association should take whatever action possible in the circumstances.


It is recommended that the paper be accepted as information material.

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