IFATCA Policy is:

The settlement of disputes should be through negotiation followed by mediation, consultation or arbitration whichever may be appropriate to national conditions.

See: WP 55 – Split 1983

IFATCA Policy is:

For the purpose of guaranteeing safety, ATCOs shall not be replaced by personnel who do not hold ATC licences in accordance with ICAO Annex 1, with the ratings, recency and competency appropriate to the duties that they are expected to undertake for the position and unit at which those duties are to be performed.

The functions which are contained within ICAO Annex 1, as being ATC functions shall not be added to the work responsibilities for unlicensed personnel.

See: WP 126 – Jerusalem 1995

See also: WP 163 – Kaohsiung 2006

IFATCA Policy is:

The use of TIBA to circumvent an industrial dispute constitutes a misuse of the procedure and should not be used to circumvent an industrial dispute.

See: WP 73 – Port of Spain 1991


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