Aerodrome Operations

Aerodrome Operations

The concepts of Aerodrome Operations and Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) include inter alia the sharing of information between stakeholders and predefines the rules and procedures for everything related to the airport domain, its surroundings, and of course the collaboration between the different actors operating at the aerodrome.


A-CDM, more specifically, is a process that allows airport operators, aircraft operators, air traffic controllers, ground handling agents, pilots and air traffic flow managers to exchange operational information and work together to efficiently manage operations at airports and, where applicable, en route operations and planning. (ICAO, 2018)


Aerodrome operations and A-CDM aim at optimizing the use of all airport resources, reduce arrival and departure delays, and improve predictability during regular and irregular operations. The main objective is to generate a common situational awareness that will foster improved decision-making.

What falls under Aerodrome Operations?

According to the Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP), the following areas of expertise are an integral part of Aerodrome Operations (ICAO, 2020):

  • Planning and design
  • System capacity enhancement
  • Certification
  • Visual aids for navigation
  • Operations and services
  • Emergency response planning (ERP)
  • Heliports

In addition, Aerodrome Operations also involve close coordination with the following domains:

  • Air traffic management
  • Aircraft operations
  • Aeronautical information management

The Aerodrome Operations domain also covers these specific topics:

  • Global reporting format for runway surface condition reporting for aircraft operations on contaminated runways
  • Installation of arresting system to address operational issues and criteria for design specification
  • Airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM)
  • Industry best practices
  • Procedures on airport operational management activities
  • Airport emergency response including rescue and fire fighting
  • Advanced surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS)
  • Final approach and take-off area characteristics for heliports
  • Obstacle limitation surfaces

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